Al Rafisah Dam – An Amazing Attraction in Sharjah

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Al Rafisah Dam

On your path to the newly made Sharjah, the Khor Fakkan road leads up to the scenery of the astonishing Al Rafisah Dam. It was created in the year 1980. Also, it’s barely newly it has had a makeover accentuating a modern traveller centre and a remainder area.

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Complete Details about al Rafisah Dam

The journey time from Sharjah to Khorfakkan is barely 45 minutes if utilizing the modern freeway. This enables additional tourists to appreciate the peaceful joys of the obvious lake. Al Rafisah Dam captions a boating building with the beautiful Hajar mountains as the background.

The panorama is interesting and a sandstone mountain spectrum soars over a pristine azure reservoir. Alongside a tranquil fresh terrain and an artificial waterfall. Brings an excellent panorama for nature enthusiasts and outside lovers alike.

The embankment has a remainder region, outdoor playgrounds for kids, a mosque, and a supermarket. As well as a substantial parking lot and an outstanding diner with extraordinary perspectives of the lake.

A paragraph of the modern growth has rebuilt the available Wadi Shea Fortress and the encircling old ranches. Appreciate the 1kilometer course, which is studded with palm barriers around the dam beside the mountain’s horizon.

What to Expect at Rafisah Dam?

  • The water level of the lake varies banking on rainy days. Damages are noticeable in the summer season partly or completely aquatic underwater during the winter season.
  • Various categories of boats encompass pedal boats and kayaks. They can be contacted at extremely satisfactory prices.
  • Several seating areas, like family gathering zones & four play areas. These two are devoted to toddlers and two to elder kids.
  • A lunchroom and a tiny co-op with beverages and snacks.
  • Al Rafisah Dam may bring activity during vacations and weekends
  • A small masjid to offer prayer is available
  • While here, pursue the indications on the corridor along the paw of the mounts.
  • Appreciate the multi-stored courts where you can sleep or rest, relish the impressions, or ensnare with friends or family.
  • Don’t forget the traveller office and realize additional jewels containing what the Emirate of Sharjah like Dubai City has to deliver.

Why Should you get the tour of Al Rafisah Dam?

Al Rafisah Dam earns an excellent spot for a sharp half-day avoidance. The gorgeous planning and the serene environment combination are stimulating.

The Al Rafisah Dam has a good fun zone area devoted to children. Bring to experiment with your paddle boating mastery in gorgeous personality.

The decor prepares for an excellent locale to snatch incredible images for your Instagram boasting freedoms. It’s an excellent medium for the broad household to appreciate a friendly weekend.

The Al Rafisah Dam’s vicinity to the freeway earns it available and requests considerable parking openings for everyone.

You happening health’s enchantment in the biological water appearing from the Hajjar mountains. The beginning is noticeable all around the dam district.

Pleasure Facts Al Rafisah Dam

  • Al –Rafisah dam is also known as Al-Rufaisah Dam discovered in Sharjah. Which is the third largest Emirate of the United Arab Emirates.
  • This dam’s formation seized a position in the 1980s. It only evolved into a tourist attraction lately, when the permissions agreed to assemble a remainder neighbourhood with tourist attractions for international visitors. It is a portion of the modern Sharjah-Khor Fakkan freeway (S142) undertaking.
  • The Al Rafisah dam growth occupies a neighbourhood of 10,684 square meters. Some of the installations contain prayer installations. An outside placing area for up to 300 persons. Besides, a car park for about 45 vehicles, four kid’s playgrounds invade 410 sqm and walkways.
  • The tourist installations and remainder neighbourhoods are ingredients of the Sharjah–Khor Fakkan highway (S 142)- A 14-year launch relating the middle of Sharjah with the east coast of the United Arab Emirates.

Basic information on Al Rafisah Dam


Navigating the Al Rafisah dam is an exceptionally remarkable encounter. Get on past the Arabian desert, subways and astounding mountains. The streets are remarkable between the mounts and the esoteric shafts assembled under the Mountains.

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On the voyage, you will experience desirable five mountain uncovered 2 lane subways. The extended tunnel is 2.7km. The shafts are artificial and a precise exhibit of civil engineering. It is promising to deem the challenging undulating landscape.

Al Rafisah dam is an extremely remarkable position for a relaxing small avoidance. If you haven’t visited yet, you might be amazed. That you have been missing out on heaven.

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