Al Zorah Beach – An Exceptional Ajman’s Beauty

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Al Zorah Beach

Al Zorah Beach is an elegant seaside encountered in Ajman. It amounts to something among the most outstanding beaches in Dubai. The time we imagine the country “United Arab Emirates”. We go to encounter the exceptional beauties situated in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. But there is Sharjah, Ajman and Al Ain as well. They have so much extra to the nation than the huge & fancy shopping malls and manmade islands. One such area is the emirate of Ajman. Moreover, an ornament in the title of Ajman is the Al Zorah Beach.

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The Detail Guide Of Al Zorah Beach in Ajman

Al Zorah beach can be explored less than 20 km out from Ajman Bus Station. It is a location of pristine elegance, by the turquoise blue water. There is no other place that could be extra persuading than the golden-shaded sands. Along with the surges gently hitting the waterfronts. In spots, the Arabian sand is a glowing white colour. That barely enlarges the glamour of the position.

There are many different characteristics of Al Zorah Beach in Ajman. That compels it so outstanding with the tasteful crowd:


At an extent of 18 km away from Ajman Bus Station, you will be spotted Al Zorah Beach. That is a civil beach site arranged in the Al Zorah region of Ajman. It is one of the traditional waterfronts in Ajman and among the important spots to tour in the emirate. As a portion of Dubai Tour Packages.

Al Zorah Beach is a pure waterfront with obvious waters. As well as soft white sand. It is a delightful area to tour particularly when you like a peaceful position as it is slightly occupied. Also, this peaceful waterfront is excellent for a good tiny breeze with the family.

What Activities You Can Do at Al Zorah Beach?

A part of this seaside is acquired by the Oberoi Hotel. This neat waterfront is adequate to create sand castles. As well as swim in the warm & crystal clear sea of the Persian Gulf. Or barely enjoy tanning sessions under the calm sun. Moreover, Jet skis are also accessible for a few waterfront delights. The seaside is famous for its extraordinary sunset impressions.

Reasons to Visit Al Zorah Beach

The seaside is not much occupied by visitors. This implies you can appreciate the much-wanted exclusivity with your best buddies or dear ones. Without concern about jerking into visitors now and then.

The warm water by the waterfront is fairly amazing and relaxing. So, you can appreciate a very safe swim at any moment of the year. However, the children with you can remember their stake of a comfortable swim.

Easy to Enter:

Ease of entry also creates an excellent goal for softening in a realistic atmosphere. Activities to explore or perform at Al Zorah Beach in Ajman,

There are bunches to commit in Al Zorah Beach. That would protect you committed the entire day high. You can appreciate a breeze with your colleagues or family on the pure beach.

There are considerable breadths for jet skiing and additional water activities. That is governed by prime assistance providers. Get on and contribute to a few of these. Your delight quotient would be raised to huge importance, for sure.

Peaceful Environment:

The considerable available area, peaceful environment, and comfortable locale mean. You can permit mislay the kids in your group. Stare them far away around in the smooth white sands. As well as make sandcastles, and enjoy your time in the simple waters. They will retain their stake in considerable entertainment.

Near the waterfront, there are additional interests. Such as the Ajman National Museum, Ajman Dhow Building Yard, Al Dur Archaeological Site, Ajman Sheikh Zayed Mosque, etc. But ensure to protect these areas on your “must tour” list as well.

What You’re Supposed to eat at Al Zorah Beach?

Whenever you crave or starving after all that swimming and from or other sports? There are various prime hotels in proximity. Almost decline in and appreciate succulent food of both regional and multinational delicacies. Desire some sleep or nap after lunch? Just relax on the waterfront with a novel in hand or enjoy some music as the day gradually brings out to a finish.

But hey! Don’t depart the shore before evening. The environment sun across the brine gives some beautiful impressions. Besides, tons of picture chances. Make the top of it and lead behind the residence to your place with satisfied sanity.

How to Locate Al Zorah Beach?

Handily available from Dubai (nearly a two-hour distance). As well as, the Ajman Bus Station is about a 15-minute drive, and Al Zorah Beach can be toured as a portion of a day excursion from Dubai. You might moreover put up in the several incredible lodgings in Ajman and expend a day here.

Opening Hours:

The best moment to tour the seaside would be mid of November & April. The shore is available from 6:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

Entrance Fees:

The best part of this visit is that the entrance ticket to Al Zorah Beach is free for everyone.

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