Aqua Fun Water Park - An Epic Chilling in Dubai

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Aqua Fun Water Park Dubai

Prepare yourself for tremendous fun and entertainment during Summer in Dubai! Yes, we are speaking about the super exclusive Aqua Fun Water Park. The city of Gold the UAE now conveys you a recent Attraction in Dubai. That puts on a complete pilgrimage and enjoyment to all age squads. It’s the most enormous inflatable water park on the planet. Which asserts the guarantee of both worlds. It incorporates the confidence of a jumping castle with the amazing joy and fun of a water park visit. Not to remark, there are obligations of cool attractions in wares for you at this one. However, it is just Aqua Fun Water Park Dubai. Yet, this exclusive blog covers it all up!

Aqua Fun Water Park Dubai - A Brief Description

Impassive Validities:

  • It speaks with the mastery to fix an entirety of 500 travellers.
  • Colonising across the panel over 5000 square metres. Also, it’s the largest inflatable water park on earth. Besides, it is completely prepared outdoors on the land & waters of Dubai city.
  • This spot is ranked among the top five spots to visit in Dubai during Summer especially.
  • Along with around 72 epic impediments to blastoff, it’s one of the absolute pleasures during summer purposes in the golden city of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Fascinatingly, the format reveals the analogous shade and lettering of the official trademark of the city of the future. Similarly, it is described in both Arabic as well as in English.
  • Its occurrences, drift, and exciting rides (as a whole) are arranged in such a manner that together checks out the motto "I Love Dubai" on its eye-catching sights.
  • Aqua Fun Water Park Dubai is the composition of the Ahmed Ben Chamber. He was a reenergized Emirati investor, who affirmed it, especially for those seeking a free trip and enjoyment in an obvious, natural scene.

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Access to this refreshing water park is obtainable every day from 10 in the morning to 7 in the evening.


The eye-catching water park is established on JBR Beach, however, you can explore the boisterous vicinity of Jumeirah Public Beach.

Entry Ticket Price:


The typical Aqua Fun Water Park Dubai entry ticket price is 105 Dirhams per individual. The pass gives access to enjoy all-day and consenting unlimited access to its inducement and rides for an entire day.

Why is Aqua Fun Water Park Trip in Dubai Valuable to Experience?

1. It Puts on Fun & Enjoyment to all Age Groups:

Estimating over 130 metres X 33 metres. It comprises a massive stretch of movements and limitations. That entreaty to all age groups encompassing the freshest mate in your group, who yet should be better than six years old.

2. It Comes with Fascinating Security Features:

With a connoisseur delegation of 9 to 10 lifeguards are always responsible. Here during its available hours, you can be won over by your ultimate insurance throughout your instant eradication.

3. It Offers Entertainment additional as a Water Park:

JBR Beach is a well-known waterfront and one enthusiastic part of Dubai that presently wishes for no curtain-raiser. From the amazing diners, various cafes, and tremendous pubs to a whole forerunner of beach facilities. Including changing rooms, beach beds, showers, chairs, and clubs. The purpose is an actual packet for those designing a real day out to have pleasure with water.

4. It’s the World’s Massive and the Middle East’s Major of its Kind:

For those looking for a water-moistening expedition in vowing company. This Aqua Water Park is one of the amazing areas not merely in the United Arab Emirates but in the whole Middle East too.

5. It Brags a Great Region:

It expands to 20 metres into the quenchers of the Arabian Gulf. Also, it goes on without notifying you that this will resolve you directly in the centre of the water. As you jump on its numerous tremendous drifting discourses. And the bonus is that it provides some attractive insta-type minutes. Along with the apparent appearances of the enormous JBR scales, Bluewaters Island, and the prior but not slightest, Ain Dubai in the climate.

6. It has the leading character of Wibit outcomes:

It operates the inflatable drifting elements from Wibit. Remote signifies its best-degree innocence and protection standards. As they keep the prestigious diploma from TÜV. It is the German crop questioning league.

Some Facts You Must Know Before Your Aqua Fun Water Park Visit in Dubai

  • You don’t need to be a savoury professional or swimmer to enjoy this one-of-its-kind water park.
  • Pre-book your tickets online or in person and formulate an assurance that you will reach the park before it acquires a burden.
  • With tons of water activities to fulfil in, it’s important to model sovereignty swimwear. It is completely one or two sizes above your substantial size. This does not simply resolve you comfortably. But also precludes any inelegant events. Like the ripping of swimsuits.
  • It’s essential to put on a life jacket before you are ready to bash the challenges.
  • Many components such as sunglasses, sunscreen, a cap, and an extra duo of dress for your park visit.
  • As a life jacket is constituted of your access or purchased ticket. You don’t need to buy from the spot.

The Finish Line:

It doesn’t estimate whether you’re new or unskilled at the core. The one factor is the enthusiasm that a venture at this enormous Aqua Dubai water park assures you unlimited fun and pleasure to one and all. So be talked into to widen this amazing Dubai lure to your travel list. Furthermore hit it off excessively on your other great Dubai tourism.

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