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Butterfly Garden Dubai

The truth is Dubai is the residence of a huge artificial butterfly garden. From where you can explore 15000 plus butterflies of 26 different types breed, live and admire a safe life.

Dubai Butterfly Garden is a portion of the outstanding attraction in the world Dubai Miracle Garden. The grassland is completely indoor and is sheltered by ten heads. Various butterfly shapes greet you in this park. Besides, once you enter the grassland, you will discover butterflies of numerous colours. The direction to Dubai Butterfly Garden is an entire of man-made butterflies arrayed with flowers. No matter, this is artificial beauty but you’re supposed to include this in your Dubai city tour. The path says you that you have completed the planet’s top special residence.

For these fluttery companions. The Butterfly Garden is a realistic outcome of the Dubai Miracle Garden. It is the house of a millions number of wildflowers. The Flowers persuade butterflies and bees for their refuge and nectar, which is the top significant characteristic of prosperity.

The Dubai Butterfly Garden – Museum Cum Showroom

As everyone adores Butterflies, they are the most valuable pests. Because they are wonderful, harmless and multicoloured. So, when you visit the Butterfly Garden, the initial element you will get to watch is a museum of artwork. That artwork is inspired by butterflies. There is also an enormous collage created from 100 butterflies. This college is privately conducted and invested by Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. More gorgeous masterpieces are on exhibit in the museum. It is highly advised to tour Al Qudra lake Dubai for a day out with your friends and loved ones.

Tour Availability:

The Dubai Butterfly Garden’s project manager, Dr Ayman Ahmad, expresses that the city of hold Dubai amasses a Miracle Garden. The UAE’s golden city is notable worldwide. But the park is barely available from November to March. As the outside Miracle Garden cannot maintain itself when the day is too sunny and the temperature rises to 35 degrees. The grassland is shut down to travellers and yearly supervision.


The show begins. Hence, it wanted something different to have explorers come to the refuge throughout the year. The explanation for this was something foreign and designed indoors. Besides, still near to nature. That is when the acclaimed Butterfly Garden was fashioned. Dubai’s temperature also splashed a significant part. The exploration indicates that butterflies endure conquer in temperatures near 24 – 28 degrees. That was difficult to fulfil outdoors theming. Hence, inside the heads, the temperature is kept at a comfortable 24 levels and slow-mo. The breeze is also produced through favourable blowers. It was crucial to simulate the whole outdoor setting indoors. Besides, it is one of the different and reasonable attractions to tour, so, told by Mr Ayman.

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The Secrets of Butterfly Garden Dubai

You will get to discover a wonderful beaded curtain. That oversees you to the grassland of butterflies. At initial, you will be extremely accepted in because you won’t discover any butterflies at all. You would find tracking ivy and curving floral agreements from the roof to the ground. You are still glancing for the tricky butterflies. Then it transpires for sure! You are unexpectedly transferred into a territory of butterflies. From all around you notice, you will just reveal butterflies. On blossoms, on leaves, and everywhere.

Fascinating Experience:

The experience of discovering multiple butterflies of various colours and many sizes is exciting. But the biggest is also to appear. The Butterfly Garden is needed to lend you a flawless encounter with butterflies. So, as you stroll past the head, you will notice obtained powers, where you can clench these creatures and grab selfies and pictures with them. This occasion is furthermore extraordinary as nowhere else on the planet. You will get this encounter of having beautiful creatures and glimpsing at these gorgeous insects so nearly. They are so 100% innocent and harmless.

The whole Butterfly Garden has a sensation of nature. Hence, crouching on a gazebo with your squad, you would discover numerous flower treaties. Besides, bird calls as you know, no birds will be around. As well as a lush green environment. It is an outstanding family edutainment goal, as the faculty, there will clarify to you about the beautiful insects. Moreover, it includes their variation, their housing, and their hatching environments. You will be astonished to discern the basic modification of existence. From a nymph to an elegant and multicoloured butterfly, privilege is in your face of you.

The Butterfly Garden’s nine domes are formulated to assure an abundance of sun on the lawn. The sun’s flashes are very decent for them, and you will discover several beautiful creatures straight at the prime of the domes. You belong from single head to another, and the barely constant is these beautiful insects hurrying past you. Also, persuading you to grab them and carry them. The Butterfly Garden architects have strived to establish a lot of biological components. Including hills, water bodies, grassland and flowers.

All this is to copy the substantial home of creatures right in the Arabian desert. While you tour, you will experience numerous visitors carefully strolling. Besides, caring for their walks not to damage any of the creatures. Regardless, others let their kids run crazy behind creatures. From everywhere, in the Butterfly Garden, it is inscribed that you should not disturb or run like crazy. Also, gradually clasp them in a direction that would harm them. Butterflies are vulnerable and new pests. Besides, the travellers must examine the regulations correctly.

The Butterfly Garden is our opportunity to understand virtue. They are a crucial portion of our biosystem. They are accountable for seizing microbes from flowers and distributing them. So they can have natural herbage and colour in the condition of the world nowadays. From where we discern additional small and smaller of nature that tell us how it operates. Preservation undertakings like this must be understood.

KOI Pond:

You will also discover an elegant pond in Dome 2. This Japanese-themed pond has 100’s KOI fish of multi colours and extents. This is an outstanding spot to purchase and click pictures. KOI fish expand a modern bulk to the Butterfly Garden. The gradually walking water of the pond reassures your strengths. Besides, Most people spend moments close to the KOI fish pond.

The Educational Area:

There is an enormous network to educate the youngster. From when you will reach there, you will find an energy film on the life cycle. The animation is very instructive and absorbing. The voice-over has two languages, such as English and Arabic. It also indicated the traits of various insects and how to warn them of unfavourable ones.

Butterfly Garden Basic Information


The Butterfly Garden is unlocked from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM.

Ticket Price:

The entry ticket to Butterfly Garden is 55 AED for adults and children over three years old. Meanwhile under three years old are free of charge.


It is placed inside Miracle Garden Dubai besides, the promising direction to get on there is to hire a taxi or cab. The second way is to grab Redline Metro and arrived at the Mall of the Emirates the grab Bus ride of no. F30 & F36. Both are the feeder buses, they do not ask for the ticket.

Rule and Regulations:

  • You cannot take your food or beverages with you.
  • Pets are not permitted
  • Kids require to be overseen by their parents or elders always
  • The visit to prohibited areas is precisely restricted
  • Butterflies are not to be snatched or get harmed in any way
  • You must not toss litter as it is punishable and also toxic to the butterflies
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