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Chillout Ice Lounge

It’s been a Long-time ago since the early ice lounge in Dubai. As well as ice hotels launched in Sweden. They are entirely compelled by ice slabs and snow. When one kind of hotel was first unlocked, everyone giggled it off. However, very shortly, it captured the interest of “different” pursuing international visitors. Besides, now five of them occur in Sweden when ice is abundant during winter. Chillout Ice Lounge in Dubai is one of the amazing attractions in Dubai. for international visitors visiting from the Middle East.

Chillout Ice Lounge in Dubai – Detailed Overview

So, when we initially heeded the ChillOut lounge in Dubai, everybody was all amazed. It was nonentity but wishful reasoning. How is it possible to create a pub completely made from the show and ice. From when the external temperature is boiling during summer months around 50°C, Thus we inquired. Though, Dubai has accomplished very numerous undertakings recently unheard of.

It has earned fancy malls, desert safari tours, sky-high towers, and a lawn entire of real flowers. As well as butterflies-filled domes. There is an enthusiasm here to perform what is contemplated as “impossible”. This is the slogan of its leader High Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

How did we Reach?

Anyhow l, we somehow got on to discern this courageous undertaking. We grabbed a taxi from the Crown Plaza Hotel, situated at Sheikh Zayed Road. Besides, requested the driver to bring us to Chillout Lounge. The generous driver declared you needed to get on to Times Square Mall.

We were notified to barely grab us to the ChillOut lounge. It was summer days, as usual, besides, the external temperature was about 40 degrees at noon. We were convinced it would be a reasonable diner with some ice statues or ice figures. It was a way of kilometres, and we entered the Times Square Mall. It was a dramatic configuration. After reimbursing the taxi, we inquired the reception desk about the access to suggest us to the ChillOut ice lounge.

How did we get an Entry?

When we reached our destination, we saw a huge board in blue & grey fonts written “ChillOut Lounge”. We also explored some international visitors becoming known with heavy albeit artificial fur and floats.

Amazed and amused, we went out to the reception. A generous staff clarified the ChillOut vision and what we would discover there. We were provided with enormous winter equipment. after obtaining the entry ticket free, which was 80 AED per individual. The staff understood that the interior temperature would be as reduced as -6C. Our suspicions were plopped to slope when we entered inside. It was an icy explosion. Everything in it was formulated from ice. Ice tables, chandeliers, chairs, and as well as ice glasses serve free welcome juices.

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Things we Liked the most

What we loved there were extremely elegantly incise ice sculptures. The light arrangements inside of thick colours. Such as deep purple, blue and red enlarged a mysterious gleam to the entire territory. We twitched even internal our large winter costumes. We were allowed to touch everything there, besides we committed to ensuring ourselves. That is generated from ice but in appearance, it looks like glass. Gratefully, the waitress there delivered us a seat. That was encircled with some unnatural fur. This brought about us comfort to sit and enjoy our welcome juice.

We inquired numerous things to the hostess, who happily answered. She explained that this Lounge is extremely outstanding with tourists from all regions. Many tourists visit here with mistrust and get on with a smile. She notified us that the entire lounge inners and things were pre-produced and exported to Dubai. The flat packs were reconstructed here. The ice glasses that the international visitors utilize are our “waste”. Besides, they are tossed as liquid trash, never recycled. She announced that extra than 10 ice glasses could be expended every day.

What did we eat at Chillout Ice Lounge in Dubai?

In the pub, we were also given a menu if we wished to eat something. We ordered a burger, and a cheese platter and got chocolate. Gratefully, the hot chocolate appeared in amazing mugs of aluminium. The cheese platter was extremely delightful and could fulfil the two persons. We must explain that some visitors requested even frigid salads. There were relatively limited travellers during our trip. Most of them were continuously taking selfies. The waitress was cheerfully civil to everyone, whoever needed her to click their pictures or shot videos.

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Some Additional Things to Explore at ChillOut Lounge Dubai Small Shop:

There was a little shop in the nook extremely, buying lovely things from the ChillOut lounge. Such as cups, mugs, fur caps, and additional articles. We were on a fixed budget, so we cheerfully trembled at the chance. Within 35 minutes, we felt it was additional than sufficient duration. The coolness was already chewing our bones. When we needed to socialize, they obtained our winter equipment and petitioned us to compose a few lines in the guest book. That was an outstanding motion, and we composed our best experience.

Eventually, Chillout Lounge is a delightful retreat from the harsh heat. Besides, relishes a few minutes inside subarctic climates. It provides us with an indication of how humans live in places. Such as in Siberia, where the cold nose hustles lower than -6C. Tour once to bring your colds and thrills.


ChillOut Lounge is on the ground floor of the Dubai attraction Time Square Center in the Al Quoz District. It is very near Sheikh Zayed Road. This subzero Lounge proposes Sharaf Group, who is the landlord of Time Square Center. Also additional iconic investments such as flagship Electronics superstore and Sharaf DG.


You can visit from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM on all days of the week.

You can grab a Red Line Metro and come down to Noor Bank Metro station. Also, then you will get an o to have a walk in this Palm Tree-lined Mall. However, grab a feeder bus from there to arrive at the mall. Every bus going to Noor Bank Metro would fetch you to this attraction.

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