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Dubai Creek Tower

The Dubai Creek Tower is an outstanding structure that stands out among others. It will surpass the height of both Dubai's existing highest structures. Especially the Burj Khalifa, and rise to become the world's tallest skyscraper. The tower's extraordinary architectural refinement and vision are certain to transform the urban landscape once its completion.

This manual provides detailed information regarding the tower's construction, architecture, location, timeline, and other important details. Discover the future opportunities for this iconic masterwork.

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Main Highlights of the Dubai Creek Tower:

Eye-catching Architecture:

The primary draw of Dubai Creek Tower is its unrivalled architectural splendour, which thrives amid a cosmopolis. It is groundbreaking inventions and incredible feats of engineering are the norm. Furthermore, it boasts an enviable location within the dynamic, contemporary Dubai Creek Harbour sector.

This observation point is meticulously built to blend in with the stunning natural surroundings. It is nestled amid the tranquil banks of Ras Al Khor Wildlife Park—home to approximately 500 outstanding kinds of native flora and animals, including the amazing pink flamingos.

Santiago Calatrava, a renowned Spanish architect of international fame known for his avant-garde architectural achievements. It is the theoretical of Dubai Creek Harbour Tower. Among his other notable projects are the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas, Texas, the Milwaukee Art Museum. The Museum of Tomorrow in Rio de Janeiro, the Turning Torso structure in Malmö, Sweden, and the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.


The Dubai Creek Tower has a modern and streamlined design. It was created by combining the desert lily flower and traditional Islamic minarets. It is resulting in a distinct and refined appearance.

Its delicate steel wire beams resemble the veining of lily leaf, while its slender stem recalls recollections of a budding blossom. These elements not only improve the structure's visual appeal but also strengthen it. The tower's peak reveals a bud-like portion with many levels and viewing decks embellished with fascinating lush enclaves.

The Impulse for this Enchanting Structure:

Originally intended to improve the aesthetics and prestige of Dubai Creek Harbour, it has grown much beyond those goals. Beginning in October 2016, the construction has been moving quickly towards its completion date of 2020-2021.

The Next Apex of Architectural Heights:

Dubai Creek Tower is on the verge of becoming the world's tallest structure. A remarkable achievement in the face of a competitive landscape of ambitious initiatives across the Arabian Peninsula.

In this race, notable contestants include Saudi Arabia's Jeddah Tower and Kuwait's Madinat Al-Hareer. Nonetheless, with the tower's formal opening, Dubai is set to maintain its prestigious position. As the site of the world's tallest testimony to human ingenuity.

The original plan called for the construction of an observatory that would tower over the Burj Khalifa. Also, it is standing an extra 100 metres taller at 828 metres. According to recent reports, the Dubai Creek Tower's size could perhaps surpass the astonishing milestone of one kilometre. It is climbing to a spectacular height of 1300 metres. The rivalry is fierce, and our excitement for the triumphant achievement knows no bounds!

Dubai Creek Tower achieved outstanding feats from the start of its construction, most notably with its foundation pile cap. It is set unprecedented milestones. With a depth of more than 70 metres and a thickness of 20 metres. This astonishing top required an astounding 50,000 cubic metres of concrete, weighing about 120,000 tonnes. As well as an additional 16,000 tonnes of steel reinforcement.

Furthermore, it broke new ground by deploying 145 barrette piles. It is resolutely supported a massive load of more than 36,000 tons—an unprecedented feat in the sphere of foundational constructions.

Get to Know about Dubai Creek Tower

Opening Date:

It’s foreseen to open a bit earlier to the Dubai Expo 2020.


This passage will be reworked once the tower is opened.


The Dubai Creek Tower is a component of the sprawling Dubai Creek Harbour, a spectacular waterfront development spanning an impressive 679 million square metres. Within this magnificent realm, you will find a pair of residential edifices. It resembles skyscrapers and proudly claim to be the tallest of their kind.

Furthermore, the business district's broad expanse spans over 850,000 square metres. It is producing a lively focus of commercial activity. Furthermore, the development plans call for the construction of around 20 hotels, each with 4,000 or more rooms. The shopping centre is expected to occupy an area of more than 11 million square metres, providing an unrivalled retail experience.

What to Explore at Dubai Creek Tower

While tickets to the Burj Khalifa provide tourists with a panoramic view of the city from its observation decks. Dubai Creek Tower is set to break records with its abundance of intriguing activities and unique interactions.

Set out on an adventure to see the stunning skyline vistas from the highest point in the city:

An unrivalled vantage point awaits, delivering incomparable panoramas of Dubai. From an unusual altitude, with an astounding total of 10 observation decks.

Experience panoramic views from the Rotating Platforms:

Perception itself changes in this context. This open-air arena. It is made up of revolving glass enclosures, provides an unimpeded. Beside a ll-encompassingg view of the entire metropolis as it gracefully spins.

Beacon of Lights:

The observatory's elevated domain will radiate as a bright guide as the sun sets below the horizon. Gracefully illuminating the essential design features that characterise its structural essence, notably the intricate network of steel wires. The interplay of colourful lighting enhances the tower's spectacular splendour, harmonising with its artistic grandeur.


The Dubai Creek Tower, engulfed in a plethora of engaging marvels and enthralling encounters, invites you to witness its gradual realisation. A visit to this amazing tower promises to make an enduring imprint on your Arabian stay. It is nestled flawlessly to offer an all-encompassing vision of the city's majestic skyline. However, don't waste time; meticulously prepare every aspect of your golden city adventure in the UAE. Including timely arrangements for the necessary Visit Visa formalities.

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