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The golden city of the UAE is residence to some of the most extensive incredible temptations in the world. Besides, it has participated in the best tourism in the world. The structure of everything is enormous, the tallest and biggest. Along those strands, one of the great fascinating and thrilling areas for travellers. To encounter in the city of Gold would be the Dubai Safari Park.

This trek Park after desert safari Dubai is one of the largest extraordinary exploration sanctuaries in the Middle East. Besides, it flawlessly blends wildlife and sightseeing examination. The Dubai Safari Park is residence to over 3000 varieties of animals. Besides, it is contemplated as one of the abundant wallet-friendly exploring places in the city of gold. The trip refuge is one of the promising spots for children to tour in Dubai. Also, get up near these vicious creatures.

Browse on to discover additional about what are the things to do in the trek Park in Dubai. Besides, how to design your day during your travel.

Things to do at Dubai Safari Park

1. Safari Village:

This village is one of the large fascinating things to visit in the Dubai Safari Park. It is the Open trekking knowledge that one would obtain during their exploring activity with friends and family. Its theory seizes the visitors to encounter the African and the Asian themed forests and jungle passage.

The visitors can crouch in relaxing formulated vehicles. With comfortable seating and glimpsing chances. They can reap a healthful glance at the substantial nature established in the Dubai Safari Park

There are a variety of animals that exist in the Safari Park. Such as deer, baboons, Zebras, water buffalo and cheetah. A stop at this inspiring man-made attraction of the city of gold would be incomplete. Without reimbursing a holiday to the glorious lions. As well as the powerful tigers. These creatures are the luminary temptation of the Safari Village.

Where the crocodile display and the free air theatre. The shows of birds and reptiles are some of the great prominent familiarities among the children as well.

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It also retains a throbbing waterfall consequence. That is powered by solar and it has been established to improve the ecosystem of the attractions.

2. African Village:

The African village is a precise window into the wildlife and ecosystem of the African Savannas. This is an excellent likelihood to encounter African Wildlife. The African styled thing is one of the great outstanding occasions at the attraction. Where you can learn to watchchimpanzees, giant tortoises, great white lions,

African wild dogs and more. Staring at the dignity of African tigers calming down behind the goblet entrapment. It is one of the promising sensations of this safari.

3. Arabian Village:

The Arabian village illustrates the biological terrain of the United Arab Emirates. The Arabian deserts, the bumpy mountain landscapes and fresh grasslands. Consists of lush foliage all inside the views of Dubai Safari Park. This is one of the promising areas to endure the Arabian desert in an accountable setting. It has multiple incredible things in Dubai. Such as the Antelopes, Nilgais, and numerous other animals. One of the stuff that you should not forget is the wolf pack. The elegant gazelles wandering about in the thrill are a spectacle to beware of.

4. Asian Village:

The Asian village is one of the extensively interesting and incredible zones. Besides, it emits the conventional architecture of East Asia. One of the things to do in this Asian village is that. Its cottages are the hardly tremendous Ape established in Asia. Remote from this you can also learn to discern huge Moon bears, Komodo dragons and Gibbons. you can scrap the vehicles. Besides, can stroll via this zone. They are conserved by the thickest foliage and elevated roof of trees.

5. Wadi Village:

The Wadi village is the recreation enclave of this amazing attraction of this city of gold. It is an excellent area to comfort and relax. After an extended day of Wildlife research and Safari. The entire auditorium is formulated with leafy herbage. Besides, it shows the investment of the Dubai hamlet in its preparation of it. The area behaves as a tremendous active centre after the encounter. Their fish pond Is solar-powered and a delight too.

6. Kids Farm:

Along with the wilderness and the numerous townlet auditorium. The Safari Park in Dubai also retains a kid’s farm. Which has been particularly ocularly curated for the children. The kids can enjoy the whole day here and discover about the plantation animals. Including cows, goats, cows, chickens and sheep.

They can also expend their day memorizing how to milk the cows and pony rides. Teenagers should pertain to nature in the garden.

Dubai Safari Park Future Inclusion:

  • The Safari Park is glancing to strengthen over 2000 varieties of Animals. containing an eye-catching cattle of elephants.
  • The refuge is also glancing to arrange the Australian and South African village theatres.
  • A Zoo mobile is occurring inaugurated and curated primarily slamming the wisdom of the kids. who attend the haven and are ready with the district of the composition wisdom equipment.

Basic FAQs of Dubai Safari Park

How to reach?

The Dubai Safari Park is discovered on the Al Waqar 5. It is set on Hatta Road. The simplest passage to attain the safari park would be through Al Awir. Which is placed contrary to the Desert Palm Resort & Hotel. It is also handily available by taxi or can.

Duration from Main landmarks

  • It is 17 Kms from Dubai International Airport.
  • 23 km from the City Centre of the golden city of UAE
  • 25 Km from the area of Jumeirah
  • 30 Km from the city,Sharjah


The recent timings of the Dubai Safari Park are available from 9 Am to 5 Pm. You have to protect the psyche. That it seizes anywhere from 6-7 hours to complete. Explore the following attraction. If you are attending, you should design your day, therefore.

Ticket Prices:

The Dubai Safari Park’s ticket prices are 50 AED for Adults and 20 AED for youngsters.

The Finish Line:

The city of gold has always sloped the barriers of Ecotourism. This amazing attraction of the city of gold is one of the reasonable areas to tour with family. Arrive at the place to customise your holiday packet as per your intentions.

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