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Emirates National Auto Museum

Are you a car lover who enjoys seeking cars of numerous formulates and models? Or do you adore photography and desire to capture extraordinary articles?. We’ll in both manner Emirates National Auto Museum in Abu Dhabi is the ideal location to be.

However, it is also famous as the National Automobile Museum. Also, the Emirates National Auto Museum is tracked down in the Al Dhafra region in the Abu Dhabi Emirates. Whether you are a UAE local or an international visitor, the Emirates National Auto Museum is a must-experience. If you come for the Abu Dhabi city tour or are located in Abu Dhabi.

Emirates National Auto Museum Abu Dhabi – Detailed Overview

The Emirates National Auto Museum Abu Dhabi is the residence of over 200 vehicles. From the private collection of His honour by Mr Sheikh Hamdan Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan. His majesty tended a car collection, Besides, when his collection evolved so huge, he instructed to provide a portion of it to the town. Therefore, the Emirates National Auto Museum was unlocked. The showroom has a few of the most enormous, ancient, extended, and top costly car assortments in the world.

What does the Emirates National Auto Museum in Abu Dhabi show?

The showroom includes an enormous collection of masterpieces to new vehicles from American cars and off-road vehicles in Abu Dhabi to the Sheikh’s rainbow assortment of Mercedes. Asunder from this, the Emirates National Auto Museum also amasses numerous auto memorabilia. Such as a gas station, a 1980 western’s gas pump and ancient vehicle signs & plate numbers.

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Record Breaking Vehicles:

The Emirates National Auto Museum building various new and record-breaking vehicles originated from numerous facets of the world.

The showroom itself is the largest motorhome in the world, which is 1,000,000 times tinier than a planet. It has ten bedrooms along with a latrine. Including a bath and a relaxing room.

The showroom amasses an enormous Dodge truck, which is the world’s hugest truck. However, the weight is measured at about 50 tonnes. Also, the interior is formulated like a house. It has four bedrooms, a balcony and one sitting room This is an entirely active truck that is off-road prepared.

The second record-breaking vehicle, you will get to explore is Abu Dhabi’s Emirates National Auto Museum, a copy of the WW2 Willy’s jeep.

That is 400% huger than an ordinary jeep. It is high and is 21 feet with a utensil. Besides, an axe on the driver’s seat. The jeep is furthermore entirely applicable. It has huge tyres (off-road) and can be seized for off-road trips. The jeep is authorized by the Guinness book of records. However, the title is “the biggest jeep replica in the world”.

Amazing Attractions in Emirates National Auto Museum

The UAE is prominent for its 4×4 desert safari Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah & Al Ain. As extremely, you will discover numerous fascinating 4*4 cars and trucks in the Emirates National Auto Museum.

The 4×4 Nissan patrol is an outstanding one here to encounter. Carrying this model to the next level is the Nissan patrol of 8X8 with an extensive wheelbase.

The gallery also amasses a vast collection of Hilux pickup trucks from numerous decades and 4×4 Toyota land cruisers.

Additional 4*4 heroes of the showroom contain FJ Cruiser, Range Rover, Nissan patrol and frontier. The showroom also retains a 4×4 Lamborghini. Moreover, you will also discover various other motoring heroes. Such as Maserati and Ferrari in the Emirates National Auto Museum.

Additional Attractions:

The showroom is home to not only European masterpieces but also American compositions. You will get to discover hot rods, drag cars and American muscle cars in this showroom. However, American police cars and

Memorabilia of New York Taxi are also established in their exhibition.

The Mercedes Benz 500 SELs rainbow anthology amasses seven vehicles in the rainbow colour. Along with fitting upholstery inside for all days in a week. You can furthermore find a multi-coloured Mercedes Benz W126. That is utilized for ceremonies and unique occasions. The Sheikh’s passion for rainbows is the colours that received him the title of the ‘Rainbow Sheikh.”

A different characteristic of the top of the vehicles is that they appear with rainbow streaks. On the walls that enlarge to their glamour and delight.

Some Facts about Emirates National Auto Museum

The showroom can be admired by all car lovers. Including both children and grown-ups. If you are not so obsessed with vehicles, especially stylish cars. Then the elegance of the building and the marvellous patterns create the entire happening satisfying.

Here are distinct facts you desire to know before touring the Emirates National Auto Museum in Abu Dhabi.

  • The showroom is unlocked from 09:00 AM till 06:00 PM every day of the week.
  • The pricing of its Entry ticket is 50 AED only. From where kids below ten years have free entry. It is proposed to book the tickets via site or online as the showroom can be crowded most of the moment.
  • Photography or taking pictures with vehicles are acceptable inside the showroom.
  • This car showroom in Abu Dhabi does not retain any diners or cafes.
  • You are allowed to bring your food and beverages inside the showroom.
  • Essential installations, such as air conditioning and restrooms are accessible in the showroom.
  • There are not several installations to crouch and take a pause.

How to Reach Emirates National Auto Museum in Abu Dhabi?

The Emirates National Auto Museum is 60kms south of Abu Dhabi. You will not get any bus service from UAE’s capital city Abu Dhabi to Emirates National Auto Museum. You’re supposed to get on in your vehicle or you can hire a rental vehicle. In this case, if you’re visiting in large groups, and then hiring a van with a driver is the best alternative.

To enter the attraction, visit Abu Dhabi – Al Ain road. Then, go to the left towards the Liwa road to arrive at your destination.

The huge pyramid shape pattern of the showroom formulates it very simple to discover. The covering of the showroom has a huge jeep that is lodging. The massive world convoy and the gorgeous display of vehicles. Like the way, you get cars in toy boxes and enlarge them to the magnificence of the Emirates National Auto Museum.

Finish Line:

There is no age limit for guests visiting the Emirates National Auto Museum in Abu Dhabi. No matter whether you are a kid, a senior citizen or an adult. Those who adore cars should pay for a tour of this incredible showroom and admire the eye-catching exhibits and memorabilia.

Even if you are not a car fanatic, you can appreciate the gorgeous building and whole layout of the showroom.

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