Green Planet Dubai – A Charming Rainforest Inside

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Green Planet Dubai

The city of gold has tremendous attractions to explore. Here accomplishes the Green Planet Dubai exploration to amaze you! There is nobody like it in the whole attractions of the Middle East. A bio-dome that duplicates the indoor rainforest. With more than three thousand varieties of flora and fauna. The Green Planet is an incredible energetic area. That formulates considerable interactive knowledge and experience for all age groups. A Green Planet Dubai tour will completely send you to the Amazon!

Likewise, The Arabian desert haven has flowers blooming in its desert safari Dubai, Miracle Garden. Besides, even snow in its Ski World. These attractions are worth experiencing in the city of gold including the green planet. Just when you believed you had discovered all the pleasure in parks and impressive areas in Dubai.

The Green Planet Dubai – Some Basic Information

The Green Planet was discovered in the City Walk area and is a dramatic bio-dome. That simulates the rainforest atmosphere. However, you can call it a residence of 3,000+ categories of flora and fauna. It is a huge academic and energetic area for children. The exhibits and sections are disseminated around a large fabricated tree. You can explore this attraction as the quick Dubai city tour That pretender the four covering songs of the indoor rainforest. The flawless faculty and the mutually digital shows blend to deliver a superior instructive experience.

Green Planet Dubai Timings and Location

  • Sunday – Saturday: From 10:00 AM till 06:00 PM


  • City Walk, Al Wasl, Dubai, UAE

Entry Fees:

  • 125 AED per person

Some Amazing Highlights:

  • Engage yourself in the indoor tropic rainforests at Green Planet Dubai. The first bio-dome of the Middle East in its manner.
  • Upon access, you’ll get to discover animals strolling around the whole area. As well as birds flying over space.
  • This remarkable understanding permits you to adore the 3,000 plus plants and creatures in the soul of Dubai.
  • The skillfully motivated and peaceful crew will lead the way via this experience.
  • Notice the 35-metre long tree. It is best known as the largest fabricated, life-strengthening tree.
  • Your entrance ticket contains full entry to the Flooded Rainforest, The Canopy, Creatures of the Night, The Mid-story and The Forest Floor.

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Why Should You Explore Green Planet Dubai?

Along With the glossy yellow and blue colours of a macaw. With the passive tempo of a sloth or the nest installation powers of a leaf cutter ant. You don’t have to inspect a documentary or voyage to sight these wonderful blessings!

Beautiful Species:

You can have a look at all these beautiful species of creatures and plants straight in the golden city of UAE. The Green Planet is an outstanding indoor biodome rainforest. Also, the initial of its manner in the Middle East. That brought the tropical climate near to residents.


Green Planet Dubai contains 3,000+ species of flora and fauna, a geographic location. The bio-dome is built around the biggest man-made tree. It also wraps all the membranes of the biosphere. From the shade to the history. As well as, the floor of the jungle to the flooded forest.

What makes it reasonable is the company of bacteriologists and an incredibly well-experienced crew, who launches these animals to the visitors. The interactive exhibitions and outstanding courtyards create Green Planet Dubai. That is a favourable academic and active opening for children in the golden city of the UAE.

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For all Age Groups:

A happy and stable environment confirms for both kids and grown-ups. They would adore the company of the animals. Dissimilar to a museum or a zoo. The fascinating experience facilitates knowing. Besides, your children will remember that trip with an energetic tamarin monkey permanently!

Some Valuable Tips to Explore at the Green Planet Dubai

  • Explore the Green Planet comes in about 2-3 hours relying on the interest categories of the partakers. If you are touring and having kids along with you. Then, save their meal duration in mind. You will also get to discover a café on the assumptions. That gives a variation of snacks.
  • The Green Planet is a wonderful position to bring your kids. You can govern a school trip. However, a weekend excursion or a unique manner of a kid’s party. The administration will assist you to schedule the outing around the area with their team.
  • It is generously to enter first at the Green Planet. The public is limited, and if you are getting on there with small ones in your group. Then, they will admire the location for themselves.
  • It has an assortment of creatures that are usually terrifying. Such as spiders, lizards and snakes. While the faculty at the place accomplishes a stunning job. That will be getting the children to be happy. It will assist in mentally readying them for what’s appearing next.
  • The creatures and birds are utilized in bunches in the bio-dome. Regardless, confirm you or your youngsters do not pat them. Unless the crew authorises you to perform so. Such an attitude may annoy the animals. As well as also effect your irritation due to it

Things to Explore at Green Planet Dubai

All the variety of creatures on the Green Planet is unbelievable in its freedom. However, we have some outstanding ones that you should not skip to meet them.

1. Thrilling Emerald Tree Boa:

The noticeable green-coloured boa twisted on an area. That will compel you to admire and tremble at a similar time. The Green Planet is a promising position to get over your suspicion and anxiety of reptiles, snakes, etc. As you know they are an amazing species. They are lending the boa organization to other amphibian and reptilian species. Such as the Tokay gecko, Panther Chameleon, Iguana, Amazon Milk Frog and Burmese Python.

2. Tarantula:

The Green Planet is lodging to the massive and fuzzy spiders, known as tarantulas. The massive Goliath bird consuming tarantula provides business to their cousins. As famous as the scorpions in the man-made jungle are also numerous different insect species. As well as, colourful butterflies that will amaze you with their variation.

3. Flamboyant Toucan:

Eating loons, you can discover the toucan in the ceiling of the Green Planet. The huge black bird with a luminous yellow-orange nose is large scale. You can imagine it running away around with the additional macaws and colourful parakeets in the jungle.

4. Sugar Gliders:

Sugar Gliders are little nighttime mammals that slide from one tree to another. These deep-eyed creatures conform to your palm. They will depart you astonished. You can discover how they can wander and roam in a packed meeting with them.

5. Sloths:

The lovely sloths are lazy in moving from here and there. They are the mammals, that strike with children. They have an outstanding way of living. Besides, frequently remain in a similar tree for years in the violence. You can bring in a personal tournament with them with an up-gradation of the ticket.

The Finish Line:

If you are a travel buff and you haven’t scheduled an excursion to the city of gold, Dubai Then you are skipping an exciting trip. So do not feel much, pack your backpacks, and pick up your tickets. Enjoy as maximum as you can.

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