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Khorfakkan Dubai

Khorfakkan is a bustling city located in the emirate of Sharjah. It is a valuable gem in the vast expanse of the Oman Sea and is renowned for its fertile soil. The sole feasible and expansive port, apart from the majestic Hajar Mountains. It also adds to its prominence. We will accompany you on a journey to Khorfakkan from Dubai and its surroundings.

Commencing at dawn from Dubai in a 4x4 vehicle, we shall venture towards the northeast. Alternatively, you can board the E311 transportation service from Sharjah Airport. Besides, it continues driving until you reach your destination.

Bossing to Khorfakkan

The recent roadway constructed by the Sharjah Government is a marvel. It significantly reduces travel time by half from Dubai City. Cutting it down from approximately 90 minutes to an amazing 40 minutes. This is undisputedly due to the absence of heavy-duty trucks and trailers on the road. Which branches out from the Sharjah section of Emirates Road, E311, or Bypass Road. It spans about 89 kilometers and has five underpasses.

Each underpass through the rugged Hajar Mountains elevates your journey and enhances driving comfort. The longest tunnel is 2.5 kilometers huge, and the longest land-based tunnel is positioned in the Middle East. The immaculately sandy road leading to Khorfakkan offers an unrestricted option to reach Khor Fakkan directly from Dubai. However, you may be deterred by one of the many eateries situated along the roadside.

The roadway flanking on either edge appears slick akin to the tarmac. If you find yourself directed towards Khor Fakkan, close your eyes and savor the tranquility. You will probably feel exhilarated when your automobile traverses the Hajar Mountain range. The wind may abruptly become more intense and salty. The majority of tourists recognize the Hajar Mountain range as one of the earliest mountain formations globally. They are not exceedingly high but are extremely rugged and covered in terrain.

These mountains will safeguard you along the Khorfakkan Sea and sometimes converge as well.

Khorfakan Al Rufasah Dam:

An astonishing reservoir lies beyond the typical tourist destinations. The dam exudes an alluring, serene, and comforting aura that may persuade you to stay longer. During the monsoon season, it becomes vibrant. The Ar Rufasah dam holds an abundance of cerulean water, overwhelming your senses and filling your soul. The existence of a dam in the Arabian desert is an extraordinary spectacle to behold.

Only a few visitors venture here, making it an ideal opportunity for introspection. Capture photographs, admire the lush vegetation in the vicinity, and relish some much-needed personal time. During both the evening and early morning, the water, dam, sun, and sky fuse in a breathtaking orchestra.

Khor Fakkan Beach:

Khor Fakkan Beach stands out as the most stunning coastline in the UAE. It exudes an air of secrecy, perceptibility, and utmost serenity. Situated within the vicinity of the Hajar Mountains. This beach offers an exceptional experience, particularly when viewed from a distance. It serves as an ideal location for sunbathing, unwinding, and experiencing tranquility, with the ocean's gentle ebb and flow.

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Khor Fakkan Beach stands out as the most stunning coastline in the UAE. It exudes an air of secrecy, perceptibility, and utmost serenity. Situated within the vicinity of the Hajar Mountains, this beach offers an exceptional experience. Particularly when viewed from a length. It serves as an ideal location for sunbathing, unwinding, and experiencing tranquility, with the ocean's gentle ebb and flow.

Khorfakkan Beach Things to Do

KhorfakkanBeachh and its authentic inhabitants offer an array of countless and diverse activities. From observing marine life to dozing off while listening to the gentle crashing of the waves. The experience of lounging on the beach is akin to losing yourself in a novel while sipping on a virgin mojito. It is an enriching encounter to spend time at Khorfakkan Beach. The list of activities to indulge in is as follows

1. Shark Island:

Although the expression may evoke suspicion in some visitors, it is authoritarian to depart. As there have been no shark attacks at Khorfakkan Beach. You will have the ability to witness some remarkable sharks, specifically black-tip reef sharks. In which are unusually visible from November to April. If you opt to attempt snorkeling here, this activity is very popular at Khorfakkan Beach. You may catch a glimpse of fish or turtles. It is smart to be knowledgeable of your surroundings.

Khorfakkan Beach offers a full day of fun. The objective is to utilize the barbecue facility, well-equipped tents, cozy carpets, and plenty of friends for entertainment. Run, jog, swim, immerse yourself, relax, or observe the passage of life in the blue sea. Even doing nothing can provide a sense of fulfillment.

2. Dibba Island:

An ordinary guide is insufficient for the extraordinary and typically striking marine life discovered at Khorfakkan Beach. Dibba Island is frequently visited by enthusiastic marine enthusiasts. Besides, the snorkelers owintheiro its remarkable range of aquatic scenery. A simple dive can captivate your senses and elevate your experience. This island, in particular, is home to a variety of oceanic inhabitants, including

  • jawfish.
  • turtles.
  • Clownfishbatfish.
  • A mixture of soft and stony corals.

3. Coral Gardens:

We must apprehend that sunken life is not all about

  • quick sailfish
  • chilling sharks
  • The conspicuously nice clown fish
  • The reliable sardines
  • The jumbo whales
  • The eight-limbed octopus
  • The smart dolphins

Furthermore, the beauty of the water can be attributed to the magnificent coral reefs. Khorfakkan Beach is no stranger to this spectacle, with guitar sharks and crocodile fish often lurking near the sandbank. At Khorfakkan Coral Garden, you can discover both guitarist and crocodile fish.

Friday Market:

You will certainly appreciate or be tempted to buy three unique products from this market.

  • Fruits
  • Earthen Potteries
  • Carpets

The Friday Market is a misnomer that often perplexes visitors who wonder how a market can be open on a Friday. The answer is yes! It operates like a bustling stock market.

Begin taking photos as the market is packed with a wide range of fruits and skillfully negotiated clay pottery. So making it an ideal spot for a break. If you know how to make the most of your camera, the vendors know it too and are always ready with a smile to capture a picture.

Khor Fakkan Travel & Timings

Khorfakkan is an essential destination that lies on the route when touring the United Arab Emirates. A visit lasting 24 hours that would commence early if lodging in Dubai. Furthermore. It circumvents the congestion of the Emirates Road and leads towards Al Dhaid and Sharjah.

Observe the sight of Dromedaries while en route. After a journey of 20 minutes, the path curves towards the elegant modern road named Khor Fakkan Road. It requires a drive of 45 minutes, and you will reach the stunning coastline.

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