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La Mer Dubai

La Mer is a seaside neighbourhood, formulated in Dubai by Meeras. However, this shining beachfront is placed in Jumeirah 1 area. The La Mer Dubai beach broadens right up to the ocean. Besides, delivers the people a dramatic goal to relax. The seaside is streaked with murals, exotic arts and palm trees. As well as you can explore lots of eating out places and relaxation activities. They are ready for you that will completely hold your breath away.

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As a sparkling and famous beach, La Mer is quite advanced among others. You can attend the shopping, dining or un stuff with your family. Also, enjoy the sun’s fun or admire a peaceful day at the seaside. This epic beachfront in Dubai demonstrates the favourable responsibility. That the city of gold has the conception of Tourism.

You will get to explore so many attractions to admire in La Mer. That will depart you amazed. The elegance and atmosphere of the locations are astonishing in Dubai city. Also, if you desire to relish the day with your favourite ones. Then La Mer Dubai beach is an excellent location for this kind of experience.

A Detailed Overview About La Mer Dubai

La Mer Dubai beach spreads all along the ocean slipped into with an incredible impression of the Arabian Gulf. Besides, the breathtaking skyline of the city of gold. If you are intending on a day replenished with peace. Then explore the La Mer beach and admire the strengthening of the golden sands. Besides, relish the waterfront activities. As well as shaking on a hammock.

If you are obsessed with it, you’ll glance at such amazing murals and graffiti. That has wonderfully stirred the popular and minimalist

layout. It is demanding a delight to calm your eyes. Promenades, palm tree pathways and Timber walkways are replenished with water parks, diners and shopping booths. Along with some ice cream parlours and bars that enhance the attraction of the location.

Talking about the water park on the beach known as ‘Laguna Water Park’. It is favourable for children as well as grown-ups. The La Mer Dubai water park indicates pledging delights and collapses with all the synthetic tides and water rides.

With so numerous novelty encounters the travellers at La Mer will discover this beach neighbourhood desirable. Also, a setting to investigate and admire.

Things to Explore at La Mer Beach Dubai

A noble-born fun and entertaining hotspot, the golden sand seaside at La Mer Dubai comprises over 130 shops, cafes, ice cream parlours and bars. Multiple licensed diners are available on the seaside. That is invariably available to fulfil your delightful cuisines. Moreover, the water activities in the Laguna Water Park are the inclusion of some important temptations at La Mer.

There will be no entrance fee in La Mer Dubai. which implies the seaside is accessible to relish but you can borrow water activities installations. Also, the sectors of the beach if you wish. The night view of La Mer Dubai is also a tremendous area to associate with if you are a night owl.

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There are multiple traditional diners available on this beachfront. That will satisfy you with different delicious cuisines. Plus prepare your taste buds to get humming with all the delightful foods. Let us bring a glance at La Mer Dubai restaurants that you can explore for the eating out option.

1. Bare Burgers:

This burger seam at La Mer beach concentrates on readying organic burgers for the travellers of the waterfront. The burgers equipped are free of any aspect of additional preservatives. Or some appendices but actually in the scarcity of all this additional thing. The burger savours are fairly as favourable as any further burger connection.

2. Makan:

This is the second following restaurant that gives rise to flavorful Middle Eastern cuisine on your dish. All the plates fulfilled are factual and tasty. Plus they will reassure your flavour receptors after consuming a generous day at the beach.

3. Amorino Gelato Café:

If you have a dessert lover, this is the perfect territory for you. The theme of this café is all about fulfilling sugary sweet pleasures. That satisfies your sugar appetites. All the recipe here is prepared with organic ingredients. So that you can admire your dessert without any fuss.

4. Levee Café and Lounge:

This café emits a popular beach club feel. The fashionable ambience of the area will automatically settle you in a calming attitude. Clench coffee at Levee Café and relish the panorama in a cloak of your sights while lounging in a place to make yourself comfortable.


The beach neighbourhood of La Mer barely possesses some classy restaurants and restaurants. But it similarly has multiple merchandiser chains to level up your fashion. While you are exploring the attraction on the beach. Let us assume a glimpse at the shopping carts in La Mer.

1. L’Aqua:

It is a worldwide beachwear or swimwear category. That demands beachwear for the whole squad. If you are glancing for comfy and good-quality beachwear adapted to your clothing then L’ Aqua must be your priority.

2. I Sea:

I Sea is an area devoted to proposing refreshing and latest eyewear to insure your eyes from the sunshine. Besides, it creates you stare like a fashion queen. These lavish products spectrum deals in sunglasses, and high-quality contact lenses. Or you can only choose a frame as well. That utilizes the tardiest technology. You can moreover move for eye testing from professionals.

3. Beach Bunny:

Beach Bunny is another beachwear brand. It is also a spa-wear brand for women. The structures of this beachwear come out of comfort. If you wish to formulate a hostile announcement then this is the best swimwear variety for you.

More Things to do at La Mer Beach Dubai

Explore the list of major things to do that you should tour on your excursion. Retain scrolling down and browse along!

1. Hawa Hawa:

Hawa Hawa is an entertainment location for children and toddlers. It is a blow-up playground where kids can admire their entire day in the two amazingly constructed dunes As well as seven highlands that propose an elevated grade of pleasure.

2. Laguna Water Park:

Laguna waterpark in Dubai is a concept founded on a colourful Argentine town. Which is known as La Boca. Besides, it is a precise movement for children. The water park is prosperous with five pleasing water slides. That delivers fascinating rides to the children. It likewise delivers a raft ride for the family. As well as a splash mat for pleasure.

You can take a nap at Cabanas. On the other side, the Water Park will let you enjoy a surfing occurrence. Along with a flowing ride of Wave OZ 180. This La Mer Dubai water park is a tremendous position to consume some pleasure moment with your beloved one.

How to Reach La Mer Dubai

If you are marvelling about how to reach La Mer Dubai from various areas of the United Arab Emirates. Then we get the explanation for you. As we remembered ahead, it is uncovered in the Jumeirah 1 state in the city of gold. Also, it is huddled between Jumeirah Bay and Pearl Jumeirah. Besides, the Beachfront expands up to a neighbourhood of 13.4 million square feet. It is manageable to bring to the shore. Come via car or grab a bus ride to achieve this goal.

By Car:

If you are appearing on the waterfront from the downtown region. Then completely lead the way in the northwest direction down to Al Safa road. Besides, the street number is 77B. If you are steering to the Jumeirah region along the Jebel Ali aspect. Then you arrive past the Mercato Mall and Dubai Canal. Just to carry a left turn around the Zoo of Old Dubai.

If you are navigating along the Rashidiya way. Then arrive past Jumeirah Mosque and Etihad Museum. Before bringing a freedom roll to enter La Mer Dubai. Where the parking contains both outside and undercover parking accessible in this setting. Which prices around the vehicle of 20 AED per hour. However, the VIP valet parking fees are 100 AED per hour.

By Bus:

If you are intending to take off to the seaside by bus. Then grab the RTA buses that end at Century Plaza 1 & 2, Beach Center 2. Also at the Jumeirah Centre. Moreover, if you are keeping up at any of the lodgings. Such as

  • Fairmont
  • Emirates Grand
  • Sheraton Grand
  • Dusit Thani
  • The H Hotel
  • Downtown Hotel

Then you will be assigned some shuttle buses. They will drop you off at the location easily.

La Mer Beach’s Amazing Architecture in Dubai

Adoring the layout of La Mer Dubai you will remember numerous creatures. The word of the waterfront ‘La Mer’ implies calm French towns by the shore. The seaside is streaked by wonderful palm trees with rope lamps dancing. As well as adorned with wooden broad walks. As above the gorgeous pastel-coloured seaside cottages.

The wrecked boats and surfboards jammed in the golden sand. Besides, the sluggish commentators, containers. Cords and driftwood. Along with enthusiastic signboards enlarge the aesthetic glamour of the position.

Not to remember the hammocks that shake periodically with the wind. Plus, add a peaceful feel to the position. The waterpark at La Mer is motivated by a colourful neighbourhood in Argentina known for La Boca. This municipal sand is blended with golden sand and turquoise water. As well as the all-around vibrant principle has expended tremendous awareness to apprehending the circumstance.

The Finish Line:

If you are somebody who appreciates a huge edge eat at the seaside. Or the shopping activity at the beach. Or just completely loafing around then reimbursing a stop to La Mer beach in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. A fresh penalty improvement to the city’s civic geography. So scheme an excursion to Dubai, saunter across this coast and eat up the laid-back and loosening feeling. That will steady your strengths for the day.

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