The Lost Chamber Aquarium - A Dubai's Aquatic Museum

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Lost Chamber Aquarium Dubai

The Forgotten Halls Aquatic Park in the city is a popular destination for both children and adults.

This park is the largest, and it is located in the prestigious Atlantis The Palm skyscraper. Furthermore, it serves as an unrivalled space for learning and pleasure in the surrounding area. Dubai is gradually establishing itself as a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. It has a plethora of retail complexes, lodgings, and other attractions to revive oneself before leaving.

The post is named after the mythological lost city of Atlantis. It tells the narrative of this Dubai city and introduces you to almost 65,000 marine species who live in the deep.

The entire complex is made up of underwater hallways and mazes, with roughly 20 displays. This allows you to interact with a wide variety of sea creatures.

  • perilous sharks
  • piranhas
  • eels
  • lobsters
  • turtles
  • seahorses

Lost Chambers Aquarium - A Brief Overview


It is located at the main Atlantis The Palm in the city of gold Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Operating Hours:

You can go exploring from 10 a.m. until 10 p.m.


Please keep in mind that the Lost Chambers Aquarium's working hours may vary depending on the day's events.

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Lost Chambers Aquarium Ticket Price:

The marine gallery features a variety of exhibitions and activities that can be combined. However, a basic admission ticket is required. Tickets to the Lost Chambers Aquarium start at 111 AED per person. This includes entrance to the venue as well as a water-themed theatre showcase in Dubai. Alternatively, for around 254 AED per person, you can pick the Ultimate Snorkel adventure.

Furthermore, you may combine the renowned Aquaventure waterpark with the Lost Chambers aquarium ticket for roughly 468 AED per person. This option is more cost-effective, as it allows you to visit all of the park's attractions and the marine gallery on the same day.

Encounters at the Lost Chambers Aquarium


The prestigious Depths Hall Marine Exhibition in Dubai is well-known for its mesmerising subaquatic exploration in the magnificent Ambassador Hollow in Dubai. Previous swimming experience is not required, and children (minimum age of six) are warmly invited to join you on this adventure.

Snorkelling among a variety of aquatic species provides an unrivalled opportunity to strengthen family bonds in Dubai. After a thorough briefing, you will be given a snorkel, mask, and flotation assistance. As you begin to float, the vivid aquatic ecology comes alive, creating a breathtaking spectacle to see..

You can further enhance your experience by participating in Aquatrek, which involves walking and breathing underwater. This incredible feat is carried out within the Ambassador Lagoon itself, using a specially designed helmet. The adrenaline of this adventure is truly unrivalled, earning its apt moniker!

2. Fish Tale Tour:

This personalised excursion is intended for those with a passion for knowledge and is performed in English. During this enlightening and educational excursion, you will get the opportunity to see firsthand the exquisite care afforded to over 65,000 marine animals within this underground marine exhibit.

You will also be taken to the on-site fish infirmary and breeding area. There are newly formed creatures are nourished and elderly residents receive specialised care.

The entire trip takes place on the uppermost deck of the Ambassador Lagoon, allowing you to see the aquarium's largest show viewable at the water's surface.

Furthermore, an exclusive "Behind-the-Scenes" exploration of the Lost Chambers. It provides a private view into the daily activities of a marine life specialist working within the walls of the aquarium.

3. Aquarium Dives:

The marine museum offers a variety of diving opportunities to be enjoyed in these gorgeous seas for the daring explorers. The Atlantis Dive Exploration is an excellent alternative for inexperienced divers.

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This beginner programme covers fundamental skills and techniques while also allowing opportunity to interact with sharks, butterflies. Besides, a variety of other creatures that live in the sunken, ancient metropolis of Atlantis.

Certified divers can enjoy the pleasure of synchronised breathing among gorgeous. Also, unique aquatic life while admiring the ruins on a single tank dive.

The ultimate and most thrilling dive is the Predator Dive, designed for adventurous individuals. They want to hand-feed fourteen different kinds of sharks that live in the Ambassador Lagoon.

4. The Haunted Chamber Parties:

Throughout the year, Atlantis, The Palm hosts and sponsors a variety of events and celebrations. One of them is the impending arrival of Halloween. The iconic Halloween Gala at Atlantis allows guests to explore the Enchanted Chambers. Complete with eerie costumes, nightly presentations at the marine museum and trick-or-treating. Prepare to be surprised by unusual marine creatures and have a wonderful evening of fun.

5. Aqua Theatre Shows:

These aquatic stage shows are ideal for families with curious and young children, as they allow for interactive engagement. Accompanied by clever divers who will inform you on many aspects of diving and marine life. As well as entertain your children in a pleasant manner throughout your Dubai vacation. The show concludes with a spectacular feeding demonstration, which is appreciated by children of all ages.

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