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KidZania Dubai – A Paradise for Small Ones

Does your kid love a profession of a doctor? A reporter or writer? A chef? Be the breeze beneath their divisions. As they bring an aroma of the professional world

KidZania Dubai is the manifestation of beneficial, academic, and family leisure. This outstanding attraction of Dubai gives kids, including their parents. An actual physical setting to role-play and mimic actions accomplished by grown-ups in practical life.

Why Do You and Your Kid Explore KidZania Dubai?

  • KidZania Dubai is a flawless, behaviourist centre, from where your children can get encounter any of the 80+ professional positions established in the reproduction of an actual town.
  • The part being performed choices contain everything. Such as firemen, an actor, doctors, police officers, beauticians etc.
  • Once they select a faculty, the children have to accomplish “jobs”. By which they’ll get paid. As well as they can spend that provided money on stuff. Such as entertainment & shopping.
  • Virtually, KidZania proposes kids a chance to reside like adults. It is happening in a comfortable, entertaining setting. Meanwhile also understanding the obligations that appear with being a grown-up.
  • The indoor town is assembled to rank, and detailed with constructions. As well as vehicles, paved roads, working economizing, and outstanding objectives called associations. They are funded and stamped by overseeing global and regional brands.
  • For a factual real-life encounter, numerous outstanding organizations and things to do have pausing moments. But since this isn’t actual existence, you can buy Fast Track tickets. As well as get rid of the waiting lines at all spots.

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Purchasing KidZania Tickets Via Online:

KidZania Dubai tickets can be bought rapidly via the official website. As well as in person at the entry of the temptation. Or, you can save time & money by obtaining discounted tickets with the deals coming over and over.

What is the KidZania Dubai Annual Pass? 

The Annual Pass allows you to obtain the advantages of this must-experience Dubai encounter for a whole year. This is extremely helpful for those who reside in Dubai with kids.

Cost: 950 AED per head

Annual Pass Inclusions:

  • Entry to KidZania Dubai for 7 days a week
  • 150 kidZos and 12 fast-track tickets (for the first trial)
  • KidZania PaZZport
  • 15% discount on retail
  • 15% discount on Dubai ice Rink day sessions
  • 20% discount on birthday party admission (no birthday party preservative)

High Rated Zones at Kidzania Dubai

As you drive your path past facilities, covered roads and vehicles. Then must select from a span of a career. Facilitate your kids with the independence to assign careers of their selection. KidZania enables them to communicate their ideation and sharpens their decision-making abilities. As they enjoy performing it.

1. Chocolate Factory

Understand how to prepare flavorful chocolates of various flavours here. As well as bring some to your home for your loved ones. This is an insufficient role-play trial.

Ideal for: Chocolate fans and tiny kitchen companions

2. Dental Department

Find out what it seizes to be a dentist as you memorize the fundamental of oral hygiene. Besides, help out in administering dental section. Attend to your kids evacuating KidZania with reasonable oral hygiene patterns.

Ideal for: Children who are personal about flossing & brushing

3. Supermarket

Acquire groceries, understand food options, and keep up with allowance. You can also understand how to organize the supermarket and accompany consumers.

Ideal for: watchful and thoughtful shoppers

4. Pizza Express

Understand the craft of pizza baking as you prepare one from the cut. Get to know additional about the particles and the bread. As well as gaze it all appears together at the Pizza cafe. You also get to bring the well-cooked pizza to your home.

Ideal for: Pizza fans & small kitchen companions

5. Fashion Boutique

After accompanying the Modeling test, demonstrate your actions and display your best pieces in your extremely own Fashion Show. However, the Parents are also welcome as viewers. As well as, they are asked to click pictures.

Ideal for: Fashionistas, Divas and endured fashion ramp-walkers

6. Hospital

Job by performing surgery, growing to infants in the nursery and medical lingo at the KidZania Hospital. It is a planet of passionate emergencies! Parents can play a role as patients.

Ideal for: Children passionate to take care of the human

7. Fire Station

Knock on your clothes, slide down the pillar, and jump to tap the big red fire engine. As well as whiz out. Settle out additional than one fire and adopt the adrenaline surge. As you conserve beings. Youngsters may barely contribute to this action once per visit.

Ideal for: Brave risk takers

8. TV Studio

Be an ingredient of the TV staff and role play as editors, cameramen, hosts and celebrities. Here you bring to report, anchor, record and rewrite your TV show. Grab the payment and discover what it’s a thing to be helping in front of the screen 24/7.

Ideal for: kids who adore being actors or appearing on Camera.

9. Bank

If quantities are your stuff, cranium over to the Bank. Help KidZanian mates with their questions and banking desires. As well as ask them to govern their kidZos with a bank statement.

Ideal for: Number Obsessed Kids

10. Building climbing

Measure the barriers of KidZania’s climbing wall. Then allowing you to overthrow your suspicions and shove your thresholds. This is a tremendous path to consume an understanding of exploration in your kids. This is way adventurous just live the desert safari tour. The lowest height of 120cm, as well as the AIA Insurance Personal Accident proposal, are compelled to participate.

Ideal for: Adventure enthusiasts & thrill-lovers

KidZania Dubai Basic Things


To guarantee you have exact independence to schedule your trip. KidZania Dubai is available 7 days a week.

Saturday to Wednesday from 11:00 AM till 8:00 PM

Please statement that the counter shuts at 7:00 PM

Thursday to Friday from 12:00 Noon – 9:00 PM

Please remark that the counter shuts at 8:00 PM

How to Find to KidZania in Dubai?

Kidzania Dubai is uncovered at Level 2, which is contrary to Reel Cinemas, The Dubai Mall. Meanwhile, the proper location is Financial Centre Road/ Downtown Dubai/ Near Burj Khalifa/ Dubai. Since it’s uncovered at such a main place, appearing in Kidzania Dubai is relatively simple.

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Age Restrictions

  • Kidzania Dubai is formulated in a means that is comprehensive for youngsters of all ages.
  • For toddlers, you will find a Fun First Nursery. From there they bring a comfortable climate to play and memorize.
  • For kids in the mid-age of 4-16 years. It is the major Kidzania temptation that is accessible all seven days a week.
  • Please note, that those small candidates under the height of 120cm wish to be attended to by a grown-up at all times.


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