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Quranic Park – Experience a Beautiful Park Visit in Dubai

Fascinate yourself in the best Islamic heritage in Dubai city. Also, strengthen your understanding of the respective Islamic significances of peace, love and patience. By bringing about your path to this one-of-a-kind refuge “Quranic Park in Dubai”.

Quranic Park is a modern artistic attraction that delivers visitors. No matter whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims. The opportunity to comprehend extra about the plants and blessings spoken of in the respective Holy Book, ‘The Quran‘ via this flawless attraction.

Quranic Park Dubai – A Comprehensive Discussion 

The Quranic park in Dubai is passing over 60 hectares. From there you will find numerous categories of the Quranic Park motivated by the plants and blessings quoted in the respective Holy Quran.

The two major interests at this refuge are, ‘Glass House’, which is a temperature-regulated warmhouse for plants. Besides, the other one is the ‘Cave of Miracles’, an imaginary cave exemplifying some crucial statements from the Holy Quran.

You will also discover here twelve orchids exhibiting several plant varieties. That is spoken of in the respective Hoky Quran. For example, figs & black seeds.

Heart the Quran Park Dubai

The haven gives people a wonderful and creative inspiration for the education of the Holy Quran. Meaning living in a pleasant area to tour with your family. You will discover here gardens of fresh grass, thriving blossoms, and towers of date palm trees.

You will be eligible to see golden trees standing up to the ‘Glass house’. From which are solar-covered ‘trees’ furnishing shadow, an area to lay or rest and the relief to charge your mobile phone.

The lake you discover here is an optical articulation of a statement spoken of in the respective Holy Quran. An approach given along the inner of the lake illustrates the separating of the ocean. A statement from the period of Prophet Musa/Moses. The additional two interests and the top repeatedly attended here are the ‘Cave of Miracles’ & ‘Glass House’.

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Cave of Miracles:

This imaginary cave is the main interest you will come off when joining the visit to Quran Park in Dubai. Utilizing thoughtful lighting and flawless displays. The man-made cave educates you about the seven blessings said in the Holy Quran.

As you step into that man-made cave, you are greeted with a preliminary video clip of the Holy Quran. This is then attended by video shows in several categories of man-made caves. It is remembering the numerous miracles rotating around the Prophets quoted in the Holy Quran.

The audio that attends the tape is presently in the Arabic language. Also, there will find English subtitles. However, an English exposition will be available soon.

Glass House:

This huge greenhouse prepared of glass councils copies a cool arid Mediterranean environment. That needs to be eligible to prosper the 29 numerous plants and trees. That is remembered in the respective Holy Quran. On the other side, is the ‘Sunnah’ (the path of the Holy Prophet Peace Be Upon Him).

Previously inside, you will discover yourself encircled by plants. That is not organised accumulating here, like olive trees, corn, basil, pomegranates, barley, banana, wheat etc. You don’t suppose to be an anxious botanist to uncover yourself wondering at the elegance of the following plants.

Along With obvious sign boards for every variety of plant and tree. You are eligible to understand extra about the health advantages they deliver. Also, on the other hand, get to know where they have been spoken of in the Holy Quran. It is tough not to understand a sense of composure and amazement when walking through this temperature-governed greenhouse. Numerous plants would differently not evolve outside their biological environment. So they can now be discerned blossoming nearly all year in this desert municipality.

You must not let go of the alternative to roam up towards the observation balcony. The corner lends outstanding impressions of the Glass House. Also, it is an excellent locale to apprehend some outstanding clicks.

Lovely Installations at Quranic Park Dubai

At the beautiful Quranic Park, you will uncover neat latrines, a portable playground, a cafe, food kiosks and clean prayer halls. Over the license or of the grassland is a safe jogging track.

Entrance fees Quranic Park

Adults and youngsters are authorized to step in at Quran Park for free.

But, there is the smallest expense of AED 5 per individual. They need to be paid at each visit to the temptation categories. Such as Glasshouse & Cave of Miracles, which must you desire to visit.

However, the payment mode is simply the RTA-allocated Nol cards. A Nol card recharge machine is accessible near the location of the Cave of Miracles. That should you should restore your Nol card with credit.

Opening Hours of Quranic Park

It remains open from Saturday to Thursday. However, the timings start from 8:00 AM till 10:00 PM. But on Friday, it opens from 3:00 PM to 10:00 PM

However, the opening hours for the ‘Glass House’ & ‘Cave of Miracles’ visits categories are:

From Saturday till Thursday, the timings are 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. Especially, on Fridays, the opening hours start from 3:00 PM to 9:00 PM. Meanwhile, timings may fluctuate during the whole of Ramadan.

What to Wear While Visiting Quranic Park in Dubai?

Regarding Lady’s dress code, in person, should point out the dress code in Dubai. However, you will find it extra strict than in other Dubai parks. The public areas in Dubai are because of the spiritual essence of the land. Ladies must put on ankle-length trousers or petticoats. Access will be rejected by the defence if any person comes in shorts or short skirts.

How to Arrive at the Dubai’s Quranic Park?

The Quran Park is approx a 20-25 minute drive from the area of Dubai Downtown. It is encountered on Zayed Bin Hamdan Street, in the district of Al Khawaneej. It is very near to the Last Exit Al Khawaneej by Meeras, which is an outstanding close temptation.

If you’re touring via car, you can enter here via Al Khawaneej Road (D89). Meanwhile, the exit is available on Sheikh Zayed Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street (D54) from the roundabout. The exit to the location where the entire Quranic Park Dubai is encountered. You will discover the quantity of parking accessible outside the attraction. 


If you’re planning to travel via Metro, then the immediate Metro station is the Rashidiya Station. From the station, you will have to grab a taxi or uber and bring about a 10-15 minute drive to enter the convent.

If you are planning to grab the RTA bus, then buses 11A & 11B end close to Quran Park in Dubai.

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