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The Famous Riverland Dubai & its Outstanding Zones

Replenished with thrilling colours, Riverland Dubai is inundated with grand elegance. It is well-known for the theme park that is closed at this location. This locale has popularly phoned the gateways of Dubai parks & resorts.

Riverland Dubai is a position of ancientness, variety, and attraction. It is the scenic of four various regions of the world.

  • Boardwalk
  • The French Village
  • India Gate
  • The Peninsula.

The cobbled parkway, interesting diners, and the meandering manmade river keep engaging international visitors from all over the planet. The unrestricted entry to Riverland Dubai parks and places creates an accessible locale for families and kids. They ensure you get to relish the enchanting scenes of this place.

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Riverland Dubai – Detailed Overview

The Riverland is an excellent weekend objective for the citizens of Jebel A.

Visitors who inquire about the Riverland Dubai ticket expense. They should understand that the entry fee for this area is free. However,  this attraction’s refugees might have opening taxes. Now, let’s discuss its four popular temptations.


Riverland is discovered in Dubai Parks and Resorts, which is near Jebel Ali. It’s a tight 20-minute distance for renters of mansions in Arabian Ranches. Besides, different suburban areas of the new Dubai city

The simplest path to bring to Riverland Dubai is to ride or drive. However, it is also vulnerable to civil transport. 

Frequently Asked Question Regarding Riverland Dubai

How to arrive at Riverland Dubai via 4X4?

It is fairly simple to arrive at the location as the excursion is over 45 minutes from Dubai International Airport and 40 minutes from Downtown Dubai. Ride past the Marina area and visit Sheikh Zayed Road E 11 towards the capital city of UAE, Abu Dhabi. When you ride across Downtown Jebel Ali. Then you will discover Dubai Parks & Resorts right on your left side.

How to arrive at Riverland Dubai via Bus?

It takes about 90 minutes via public bus to reach the location in Downtown Dubai. You are required to grab the red metro line situated at the UAE Exchange Station. However, the station is found in Ibn Battuta Metro Station. The RTA bus from there oversees Dubai Parks and Resorts which is a residence of the location.

What are the Timings?

Riverland opens from 10:00 am till 11:00 pm on normal days.

Riverland Dubai’s starting hours from Thursday till Friday are from 10:00 am till midnight.

These Opening hours in the city of gold can fluctuate during Ramadan. So we suggest that you cross-check before scheduling a tour.


The administrations organise numerous events here to dedicate to significant circumstances and seasonal celebrations. The major events here last year included the UAE National Day, Festive on the River to dedicate Rhythm and Christmas on the River for amazing live stage shows. However, kids’ activities. During the winter months, there is also a set that is open-air here to web particular movies. In these movies, you can stare while chilling against beanbags. Moreover, the fireworks are also arranged for weekends and personal events. That is prominent among the city’s inhabitants.

Popular Zones of Riverland Dubai

Let’s examine the four multiculturalism in the zones of Riverland. Besides, it snatches a peek at a glance of these tremendous cities:

1. The Peninsula

The Peninsula is, certainly, the soul of Riverland Dubai. It is encircled by the river, it depicts the principle of 19th-century planning with a tremendous bridge fastened to the piazza.

Its outside area allows you to admire the live performances and festivities in the open air. Along with spectacular elegance, you can appreciate the luxurious meals of diners and pubs straight beside the river. Moreover, the glass surrounding the kid’s compartment brings this area a child-friendly zone.

Most Liked:

The top prominent platforms in The Peninsula are the Japanese restaurant Katsuya and The Irish Village by Starck. Similarly, notice to check in the Ecco Pizzas & Pasta and Big Chef.

2. India Gate

With the multi-colour Asian design and commotion, Mumbai streets. The India Gate greets you in royal recognition with performers and drummers at the door.

Sketching the established opinion of historical India. You set about on the path of Indian societies, seasonings and cuisines. Surrounded by Parks, the Bollywood park in UAE’s golden city reimburses tribute to the Indian movie and music industry. So, don’t miss to tour this enthralling territory.

Most Liked:

The diners in India Gate indicate an especially South Asian principle. Must experience in India Gate are new Indian cuisine, where location at the Bol Gappa, Chinese stir fry at Wok Chi and Emirati seafood at A Mashawa.

3. Boardwalk

Wish to investigate the first 1950s in the USA? Get glad to reflect on this duration. Through the gallery and discover how America commenced refurbishing its people.

The creators and enchanter on the boardwalks indicate the cultural devotion of the Americans. Also, the palm trees that comprise this region establish a spectacular glance. Including the Motiongate theme park, which is a homage to the Hollywood trade.

Similarly, this zone is well-known for confections and extra yummies for children. You’d excuse it if you tour this spot without dining.

Most Liked:

The diners in Boardwalk are largely affectionate to the definitive American flavour. Outstanding openings, such as Super Chix, Tortilla and Shake Shack. For those with love desserts and sweets. They must check out Fuzziwig’s Candy Factory and  Ice cream parlour Ella’s Creamery.

4. The French Village

If you wish to encounter the medieval French village of the delayed 1600s with European planning, travel to the French Village. The glamourous medieval in UAE’s golden city is free of cost. However, don’t ignore the Riverland Dubai ticket rates for parks. For example Hollywood Park, Legoland theme park and Bollywood Park.

We wish that this quick manual will assist you with your second investment at this location. And if you are scheming to reside in this fascinating golden city for limited days or more, 

Most Liked:

The diners in the French Village reproduce a European principle as well. In the French Village are the American-Italian restaurant Olive Garden, Pascal Tepper and bakeries Le Pain Quotidien.

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